Wish you had someone to solely pitch your brand to press, celebrity stylists, and influencers regularly? That’s why we’ve created the PURELY PITCHING service, where we pitch your brand, product, and services. You send us your high resolution photos, media kit, product, and service details and we create timely, creative pitches that are shared with editors, reporters, freelance writers, at top tier newspapers, blogs and magazines you've delifenitely heard of and smaller ones that you'll be glad we pitched to!


Getting started is quick and easy. 1) Select and pay for your plan. Create a profile if you wish. 2) Your publicist will reach out to schedule your consultation within 1-2 business days. 3) You send all required materials and details. 4) We get to PITCHING. PITCHING & PITCHING!

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Choose Your Pricing Plan


    Every month
    Perfect for new launches or short-term initiatives
    Valid for 3 months
    • One Press Release Distribution
    • Weekly Pitching
    • Influencer Outreach
    • Updated Angles
    • One Category/Industry
    • One Monthly Status Call
    • Bi-Weekly Reporting and Status Updates
  • Custom Plan

    Every month
    Programing, Partnerships, PR

    No refunds. Plans cancellable after 4 or 6 months with 30 day notice. Receive free month at the end of your plan period. Brands must be press ready: have a media kit with bio and product fact sheet, and high resolution photos.