Update: Nike's Uprising Designed by Ruth Jean-Marie Sells Out in 4 Days

Uprising NikexCultivator By Ruth Jean-Marie

The Haitian Revolution Inspired shoe designed for Nike by client Ruth Jean-Marie of the August Project sold out in 4 days!

Ruth Jean-Marie Founder of The August Project in her design

The Haitian Community showed their support not just in likes and comments but purchases.

Prior to the November 1st launch DE distributed a press release targeting fashion, and Haitian culture writers, social media influencers. The day of the launch a reminder and follow-up pitches went out including never before seen photos of the shoe. The results? The story was picked up by 5 different outlets and garnered countless reposts on social media.

Screenshots coming soon!

Strong community engagement and tapping into folks who are influential offline truly works, go figure :).

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