THE BRAIDRELEASER Now Crowdfunding Via FundBlackFounders

A NEW crowdfunding campaign is now live on fundBlackfounders - a BLACK OWNED crowdfunding platform for creators of color.  How to support you ask? Contribute to the campaign and help the Braid Releaser get 200 backers this week alone. Share and tag @thebraidreleaser posts across all social media platforms.


Earlier this year the brand raised $8,000 via Kickstarter. Unfortunately, they did not meet their minimum goal of $25,000 in order to make the hair unbraiding tool available for sale. With kickstarter's all or nothing rule in play, they saw not 1 cent. But it's not all bad news, the tool was featured in ESSENCE mag twice. Got a lot of buzz on @OfficialBlackWallStreet, and was featured on 3 different podcasts: OnSheGoes, Style & Vibes, Claima Stories.

Saraa, the Co-Founder & CEO of THEBRAIDRELEASER is not slowing down!

About THEBRAIDREALEASER, Originally created in 1992, TheBraidReleaser is a revolutionary tool that prevents hair from breaking through the unbraiding process for braids with natural or faux hair, including locks. The second generation Braid Releaser is designed by adidas Footwear Developer Saraa Green.The tool glides through braids to create a pain-free, time efficient, braid take down experience. Follow @saraa_green_ and @thebraidreleaser on Instagram and Facebook.  Visit the fundblackfunders campaign here: About fundBlackfounders, fundBlackfounders is a Black-owned crowdfunding platform for Black Founders, Creators & Entrepreneurs.  We crowdfund the start and scale of Black Entrepreneurial Dreams. The <fbf> crowdfunding platform is a debt, collateral & equity free business financing solution for minority owned businesses who can't get access to venture capital, loans, credit, grants and government stimulus. The <fbf> mission is focused on democratizing Black Founders access to crowdfunding and capital networks. The hardest part of being a Black entrepreneur is having to build your business while being shut out of the funding you need. Experiencing this first hand, Renee King, CEO,  grew frustrated with the lack of funding resources afforded to Black founders. She decided to create a space focused on getting every Black Founder funded. <fbf> offers culturally relevant coaching, support, community and resources centered around helping Black entrepreneurs run successful crowdfunding campaigns. About Renee King, Renee King, CEO & Founder, is a social impact entrepreneur passionate about getting every Black founder funded. Her professional background includes pharmaceutical sales, strategy consulting, startup management & operations, business advisory & development.

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